Welcome to my blog!!

So let's get started! Why am I starting a blog? What makes me so special that people will spend time reading my blog? Well, I'm writing a blog for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it's somewhere to leave my thoughts - I find writing things down helps me think about things and structure my life.

Secondly, I'm learning about Italy and I figured other people are too, and could perhaps help me understand the 'un-understandables' of a foreign country. It's very easy to get the wrong end of the stick and very easy to resort to stereotypes and taking everything on face value.

I'm writing this blog as I think other people in similar situations would like to know that they are not alone (as I would like to know I'm not alone!). That kinda answers the second question, why am I so special. Well, I'm not, but when, five years ago, I met the love of my life and realized I would have to get to know Italy and Italian culture pretty darn well, I would have appreciated having read a blog detailing someone else's experiences, and knowing other people are going through similar travails. So here it is, a blog on how an Englishman becomes a little more Italian, or gets in trouble trying. Hope you like it!

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