Heat wave warnings and staying cool in the sun!

Italy is in the middle of a heat wave, but what can you do to keep cool? Well, other than staying out of the sun for as much of the day as possible (leaving it for mad dogs and Englishmen), other suggestions include modifying your diet and drinking plenty of water.

According to the Coldiretti farmers' union (and ansa.it), meals on hot days should include starches like pasta, rice and bread with ample portions of lettuce, onions, radishes and 'sweet' fruits like peaches and nectarines. Heavy food should be avoided as well as alcohol and foods seasoned with too much black and red pepper as well as salt. Coffee should also be consumed in moderation.

More information is available on the UK NHS website.

The main thing is to use common sense though. Stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day (usually lunchtime till dinner time), drink plenty of liquid and eat lots of fruit.

Oh, and of course, apply plenty of sun cream!!

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