Yet another Etruscan remain - but this time with a Royal tomb

Don't you just love the Etruscans? There they were, making civilisations and breaking bread, years before the Romans came along and flattened them. Seriously, I'm actually really interested in them, perhaps moreso than the Romans. After all, I heard about the Romans at school, and I come from a town founded by the Romans, so I'm kinda bored of them. The Etruscans however, they've got something of a knowing smile that I find hard to resist. So what's happening in the Etruscan world?

Well, archeologists have discovered another set of Etruscan remains, this time in Tarquinia, an ancient city in the province of Viterbo (Northern Lazio). They've uncovered a Royal crypt, created in the mid-7th century BC, illustrated with strange markings that could carry a religious meaning. Unfortunately, the article I've found (on ANSA) doesn't say anymore, so if you find anything else out about these remains at Tarquinia, do let me know, as I plan to visit there in about 2 weeks.

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