Gelmini Wants Schools to Stay Open on Unification Holiday

I'm constantly told that nothing is ever easy in Italy. That nothing is ever as it seems. Most countries, you would imagine, would be more than happy to give everyone a day off to celebrate their Unification Day. Italy however, is often not so much a country as a collection of countries within another younger country (in European terms), and it seems they can't decide whether everyone should have the day off or not.
I think schools should stay open on 17 March”. Mariastella Gelmini (the same lady who is restructuring the university system in Italy, resulting in all the student protests) chose the meeting of the Council of Ministers to make her announcement. She's not alone.  Confindustria (the General Confederation of Italian Industry) along with the Northern League are also calling for a working 150th anniversary of national unity. Ms Gelmini has reportedly said: “The anniversary can be celebrated in class during normal school hours by focusing special attention on this very important moment in history. It’s a way of adding value to a date that otherwise might be considered just another holiday”.

They go on to argue that the economy couldn't take an extra day off and that Italian's don't really care about the unification day anyway, as they are more attached to their region rather than their country (I know Francesco Totti definitely falls into that camp). I'm not sure I agree (the economy thing sounds like scaremongering) and it's a slippery slope, either everyone has it as a holiday, or no one. Why should kids and their teachers have to go to work if no one else is? Click here for the full story (on corriere della sera).

I've been reading the English section of Corriere della sera quite a lot recently. They are getting quite quick at translating important aspects of the latest Italian news. I know it doesn't help me improve my Italian, but it certainly helps me understand a little better how the country works! 

Now, if only I could understand that one about the showgirl and the minister...

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