Caprarola - Festa della Castagna

As I mentioned in a previous post, now is the time for chestnuts in Italy. Earlier this month, there was a Sagra della Castagna in Soriano nel cimino, and now, until the end of October, there is another in the beautiful comune of Caprarola, around 73k (45 miles) north of Rome.
The festival in Caprarola started last Saturday, and continues till the 6th November. The full schedule (in Italian), is available on the Pro Loco site. In brief, over the next two weekends, there will be various processions, tours and of course, meals associated with chestnuts in and around Caprarola. If you like chestnuts, it's well worth a visit.
Caprarola, on a less than sunny day
It's a long way to go (from Rome) just for Chestnuts. Is there anything else to do in Caprarola while you're there? Well, luckily for you, there's quite a bit! It's a beautiful town, perched on top of a hill (it's name means 'hill of the goat'). Everywhere you look there are stunning views over the surrounding countryside (including to Monte Soratte - check out the last photo on my post here), plus, there's a fantastic Palazzo, Palazzo Farnese, which I need to write about sometime.

The inside of Palazzo Farnese is faded somewhat, but still contains beautiful paintings
The gardens are worth a visit in their own right

In the meantime, you can check out my post about Palazzo Farnese, Caprarola and nearby Ronciglione for @arttrav on her wonderful blog. Enjoy the festival!

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