The Best Hot Chocolate In Rome

Looking for the best hot chocolate in Rome? Look no further! It's not on Piazza Navona. It's not opposite the Colosseum. It's actually hidden away in a student area to the east of Stazioni Termini. It's SAID.

SAID, or SAID - Antica Fabbrica del Cioccolato, to give its full name, has been turning out stunning chocolates since 1923. There's a reason they have survived so long. As I entered, I knew instantly I was going to like it. Chocolate. In every form. Available to take-away or eat/drink in. We opted to ignore the many chocolate pieces on display and walked past the myriad antique chocolate-making tools that litter SAID straight to their seating area. Replete with a fully stocked bar and indeed, operating as a fully fledged restaurant, SAID can cater for all tastes.

As we were there to meet friends, rather than have a full meal, we opted for hot chocolate. Coming in at €6, it wasn't cheap, but I have to say, it was worth it. Out of a choice of milk, dark (70%) extra dark (90%), cinnamon or peperoncino, I opted for the spiciness of the fondente with peperocino. With extra cream of course. It was like a meal. Thick, perfectly heated, and absolutely delicious.

As I say, they don't just do hot chocolate and food. They're also the perfect place to pick up a gift or a treat for later. Or for a friend. Or a blogger-friend. Or me, for example.

For the best chocolate in Rome:
SAID - Antica Fabbrica del Cioccolato
Via Tiburtina, 135 (Via dei Dalmati), Roma, RM 00185
+39 06 446 9204
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(Some photos were borrowed from the SAID Facebook page).


  1. Better be open in April when I get there

    1. Ha ha! It should be! They're open all year round :)

  2. Perfect timing! I'm headed there in two weeks so can't wait to check it out!