Vino Intorno - wine tasting in the hills of Lazio

June is a wonderful time of the year in Lazio. While many tourists throng around the many sights of Rome, the more adventurous have many great opportunities to get out and explore the stunning surrounding countryside. What better then, after doing the Forum, taking Selfies at the Colosseum, and queuing around the Vatican, than getting out to a wine-tasting 45km from Rome?

Vino Intorno, in collaboration with Slow Food Lazio, is over two days at the end of June (21st-22nd) and covers both history, culture, and of course, wine. For €79, which includes accommodation for the Saturday night, entrance fees, tour costs and some meals, you can experience a fully immersive weekend away.

Here's the full programme.

June 21, 2014

Arrival and check in
15.00 Meet in Olevano Romano (RM)
15.30 Tour of Villa Pisa
17:00 VINO INTORNO wine and food tasting evening

June 22, 2014

10:00 Meet in Bellegra (RM)
10.30 Visit to the Arch Cave karst system
13:00 Lunch at a restaurant based on local products.

Included in the €79:

Entrance and guided tour of Villa de Pisa
Coupon for a tasting of food and wine at VINO INTORNO
Overnight stay (breakfast included) at a local B&B
Entrance to the caves and caving Guide Arc Bellegra
Lunch on June 22
Socio-card Rome Countryside

The weekend starts in Olevano Romano, with a guided tour of Villa Pisa and the Museo Centro-Studi di Olevano where, thanks to the impressive work of the "Friends of the Museum of Olevano Romano"over 2000 works are collected and stored, including oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and sketches.

At 5pm, the tasting starts, with both locally sourced food and wine, including the locally-grown Cesanese grape. A coupon for tasting is included in the price. Continuing on the Sunday, we meet in Bellegra for a guided tour of the nearby karst system. First explored in 1925 by two cavers from the Speleogical Club of Rome, the caves can be visited more comfortably today via a catwalk. The caves have a constant temperature of around 7-8 degrees, so it's advisable to bring a jacket.

Frankly, it all sounds lovely! For more information (in Italian) and to book, click through to

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